Create Your Own Conference Room Equipment List

Conferences are an opportunity for people to connect.

A conference room is an ideal place to connect people. Getting all the delegates that matter together for a conference in a central location can take a lot of initiative and planning. That’s why conference organizers keep a list of their must-have conference room equipment, and they continue to update this list as new products become available. 

Conference Room Equipment List

Ensuring that delegates have the A/V equipment they need is key to a successful and productive conference. Here’s a list and description of some of the most essential conference room A/V equipment these days. 

Interactive Board, Whiteboard, or Flipchart

These are all variations on what started as a flipchart. The Whiteboard was the next generation of the flipchart and this was followed by the interactive board, or Smartboard. The interactive board can store preprogrammed relevant charts and graphs about the subject being presented and be displayed at the slightest touch. An entire day’s worth of crisp, full-color presentations can easily be stored and called up on an interactive board. 

Digital Projector and Connecting Cables

The digital projector is quickly becoming one of the most essential pieces of conference room equipment on an organizers list. They can allow several hundred attendees to view the information on a single laptop screen. Digital projectors can display anything seen on a computer screen, from PowerPoint presentations to videos. The HDMI cables that enable the projectors to be connected to a laptop are just as crucial for a convention. 

TVs and Monitors

TVs and monitors are increasingly being used as screens in smaller meetings. They are efficient, light, and more cost-efficient than a projector and screen in some smaller applications.

Sound System 

The sound system can be crucial in a large room with a large audience or a smaller room with a speaker who needs to project their voice. It can help people follow a speaker’s address with no misunderstandings and provide the power to cut through background noise and distractions.


Speakerphones are still a must-have item and a central conduit a person outside the venue can use to participate in a meeting. 

Video Conferencing System

The popularity of Zoom and Microsoft Teams proved you don’t really need a dedicated video conferencing system for most applications. However, they are still used when privacy and security are crucial and to deliver a better quality, dedicated connection. 

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