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Conferences are an opportunity for people to connect.

Create Your Own Conference Room Equipment List

Discover what most professional conference organizers have on their list of essential conference room equipment to ensure their events run smoothly.
Chinese wedding ceremonies are always memorable.

Incorporating Chinese Wedding Ceremony Traditions

Learn how some of the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony rituals can be adapted into an elegant wedding held at a modern hotel.
Enjoy a hotel stay near Bangkok for 35% less

The Bonus of Booking Directly with Our Hotel

Discover the added savings Thai customers can enjoy when they book accommodations directly with us at Riverine Place Hotel and Residence.
Choosing the right venue helps your event succeed

Ensure Event Success by Choosing the Right Venue

Learn how choosing the right venue for an event can help guarantee its success. We’ll share some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a venue.

Understanding the Difference Between Engagement and Marriage

Learn the difference between an engagement and marriage and discover the importance of a traditional engagement ceremony in Thailand.

How to Prepare for Your Engagement and Wedding

Perfect your engagement prep: Essential dos, don’ts, and tips on how to prepare for a flawless engagement and dream wedding journey.

Budget Wedding Planning: A Complete Guide

Plan your dream wedding in Thailand without breaking the bank! Get top tips for a beautiful, budget-friendly celebration.
Careful planning makes your wedding day more enjoyable

How to Plan a Wedding

We offer a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for a wedding, covering all the elements needed to ensure an unforgettable wedding day.
The ideal venue helps make the wedding perfect

Choosing a Wedding Venue in Bangkok

Choosing a wedding venue requires careful consideration of a number of factors. Learn how Riverine Hotel and Residence can make that choice easier.